Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement Reviews - Vitalia Lapergola Vichy
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Viva Naturals Fish Oil Supplement Reviews

HIGH POTENCY FORMULA – Unlike molecularly distilled fish oil, we use a special technique known as supercritical extraction to focus the omega 3s in our fish oil, so you receive triple the total amount per serving than you’d with numerous major supplements. Each regular serving allows you 2200 mg of fish oil, 1400mg of EPA & 480 mg of DHA to enable you to get a good serving of essential omega 3 essential fatty acids in.

SUPPORTS The HEART of yours, BRAIN, SKIN AND EYE HEALTH – Science has proven that not just do the omega 3s in fish oil offer aerobic assistance for females and males, but cognitive health is promoted by them, and keep the skin of yours and eyes healthful as you get older. They have been proven to assist adults ramp up the metabolism of theirs, also. It is daily health support that counts.*

DESIGNED FOR BETTER ABSORPTION – We send our omegas in triglyceride type. Compared to ethyl ester fish oil, triglycerides were scientifically proven to be a lot easier for your body to take in, to enable you to make probably the most of each omega-3.*

NO FISHY AFTERTASTE – Our advanced extraction programs strips away PCBs, heavy metals and toxins without using harsh chemicals or perhaps heat, going beyond standard extraction techniques of fish oils. Which means, the fish oil pills of ours are purified to provide you with clean, high quality engine oil – no fish burps or perhaps aftertaste!

IFOS 5 STAR CERTIFIED – Mercury issues? In order to provide you with serenity of brain, our fish are never farm raised; they are wild caught from the highly regulated coastal waters of Peru using sustainable fishing practices. Furthermore, we have a mix of tiny fish (as mackerel and sardines), known to have less toxins than larger fish like salmon. Pure and sustainable, every batch is rigorously examined for innocence and IFOS five Star Certified, the highest rank premium fish oil is able to get.

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