Dental Office Design - What is In A Countertop? - Vitalia Lapergola Vichy
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Dental Office Design – What is In A Countertop?

When focusing on your dental office design among the specifics which requires attention would be the kind of countertops can be used in various programs. There are countertops throughout a dental office style as well as, while the many countertops might harmonize, they definitely don’t need to be produced of exactly the same materials. You will find many considerations that get into the selection of the countertop components to utilize, like location, moisture levels, client visibility, and price.

In areas that are damp, like a lab or perhaps sterilization room, I usually recommend using a good surface material like Corian®, as laminates could have seams which don’t deal with a great deal of moisture well. In these same rooms, nonetheless, if there is not actually going to be a great deal of dampness a plastic laminate works all right and also conserve on price.

In staff lounges I usually suggest clear plastic laminates as these areas hardly ever buy visited by individuals and one may save money on the price of a good surface materials. Not I am suggesting the staff members is much less important, but I feel that to find the best return on investment one must invest design dollars whereby people are able to see the difference.

However, if there’s the chance for severe heat contact with the countertop, I just recommend granite. Of the countertop material choices granite would be the most indestructible and most heat resistant. One can place an incredibly heated iron or perhaps pan on the countertop and never ever have an issue. The very same can’t be said of another material.

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In public spaces, like the prospect bath, operatories, moreover specifically the front counter, I suggest stepping up to one thing besides a plastic laminate. Solid surfaces, whether they become a Corian® style information, concrete, quartz, or perhaps an all natural stone, virtually all create the feeling of quality that clear plastic laminates simply are not in a position to do. Thus, to best communicate quality and solidity in your dental practice it’s essential to invest the extra money on a countertop produced from among these various other materials. The old saying is concerned, “You just have one opportunity to create a very first impression.” To cement in the brains of the patients of yours and prospective patients the quality of the practice of yours you would like the front reception counter to produce an excellent impression.

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